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Dartford District Scouts

District Cross Country

9th March 2013

Well done to all those who took part in the courses put on for different sections and age ranges. We hope you enjoyed it.
A big thanks also to those who helped make the event happen and run the way it did! The results are attached below.

Please also head to the District Photo Gallery for pictures of the day.


Beavers 6 Year Olds Race

1st Jake Morgan 5th Philpott

2nd     Joshua Gains 3rd Mississippi

3rd Adam Smail       3rd Mississippi

4th   Hayden Andress          1st Sutton at Hone


1st 3rd Dartford Mississippi Colony

2nd 1st Sutton at Hone Colony

3rd 1st Wilmington Colony

Beavers 7 Year Old Race

1st Joshua Reed   Cambria Challenger

2nd Alex Mynard The Brent (6th Dfd) Winnipeg

3rd Ben Reeve Stone Rawhide

4th Finley Green   3rd Woodland           


1st Cambria Challenger Colony

2nd 5th Dartford Philpott Colony

3rd 3rd Dartford Woodland Colony

Cubs 8 Year Old Race 

1st Lewis Groombrigde 1st Sutton at Hone

2nd Leon Buckley 1st Dartford

3rd       Joseph Rose 1st Sutton at Hone

4th Jack Newstead 1st Sutton at Hone


1st 1st Sutton at Hone Pack

2nd 1st Dartford Livingstone Pack

3rd 5th Dartford Leigh Pack

Cubs 9 Year Old Race

1st Eren Musa   1st Sutton at Hone

2nd Patrick Bain 8th Dartford

3rd Jonathan Mayhew 5th Collins

4th Thomas Wells   5th Leigh


1st         1st Sutton at Hone

2nd 3rd Dartford Jungle Pack

3rd 5th Dartford Leigh Pack

Cubs 10 to 10 ½ Year olds 

1st         Oliver Read   Cambria Voyager

2nd James Clancy The Brent (6th Dfd) Windmill

3rd Andrew Kennard 1st Dartford

4th           Dominic Fantham 5th Phillips


1st 1st Dartford Livingstone Pack

2nd 5th Dartford Collins Pack

Scouts 10 ½ & 11 Year Olds 

1st Ted Higgins   5th Burne

2nd Jack Higgins 5th Burne

3rd Sean Powley 5th Burne

4th George Beckley 1st Wilmington


1st 5th Dartford Burne Troop

2nd 1st Wilmington St Michael’s Troop

Scouts 12 & 13 Year Old 

1st Jamie Green   Stone Everard

2nd Tom Hannah 5th Earley

3rd James O’Brien 5th Earley

4th Christopher Roscoe 5th Burne


1st 5th Dartford Earley Troop

2nd Stone Everard

3rd 8th Dartford          

Author: Matthew Gibson


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